DIY Elegant Disney Tangled Wedding

To get married at Disney is a dream come true, and I had been playing my wedding since I was 16. I’ve always wanted to get married in front of the Cinderella’s Castle at Walt Disney World. But unless you have over 180k that is just not happening. We got married at the beautiful Iola Lakeside Events venue who went above and beyond to help our day be perfect! Our Theme was the Disney movie Tangled, one of my favorite movies. I want to share with you guys today how we made our wedding Elegant like a wedding at Walt Disney World but easier on your pockets!

Our colors were

  • Light Purple
  • Gold
  • Light Yellow

Groom and Groomsmen

We decided to put the groomsmen in a light purple dress shirt, with dark grey dress pants, and a light yellow tie.  James was in a full dark grey suit with the light purple shirt and the yellow tie as well. We got the suits from Jcpennys and all the ties is from Amazon for only $1.50 each, Awesome deal!


The dresses for my lovely bridesmaid was bought from Davids Bridal, and I let the girls just get white heels. They all looked beautiful!

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Alice my beautiful flower girl we put in a Rapunzel dress and shoes from Jcpennys in the Disney section.

And our Ring Bearers were our sons and we put them in two matching cute suits that matched the guys too and we bought those at Jcpennys as well. Which was actually really hard to find even though we bought them right before the wedding right around Easter.


I went with a Rose gold colored ball gown. My beautiful maid of honor and parents bought it for me at David’s Bridal after they saw how much I was in love with it! It went perfectly with the colors and theme. I definitely felt like a princess in this dress!

Now to the more Disney Tangled theme.


My mother made all of the flowers for each table from flowers at the Dollar Tree. She took the Square foams pieces and stuck the flowers in according to what she thought looked good! You definitely can turn Dollar tree flowers into beautiful centerpieces!

The taller lantern candles were the Long-Stem Glass Tealight Candleholders from the dollar tree and I printed and hot glued the flag from the movie to the outside of the candleholder, and placed a little tea light in the middle!

Drink a lot of wine, or know a few people who do? Ask them for their empty wine bottles. We used wine bottles and spray painted them light purple and went and found some tree branches that had already fallen to the ground and spray painted them gold and put them in the wine bottles to give it that “woodsy” feeling!

The table runners my mom found at a thrift store, but they really just are some fabric that you can find at Joann’s! Pulled the whole table together!


For our guest book we used an old window and etched the Tangled castle with lanterns flying in the sky, and our guests signed around it with gold paint markers. Making it a beautiful addition to our home and a great way to remember who was all there to celebrate our big day!

Cake or Donuts?

Cake and Donuts are what we did, the cake was for us but we had my grandfather make Donut stands made from an inch thick piece of wood and wooden dowels and we stacked Publix Donuts which everyone actually preferred to eat! I mean who doesn’t like a delicious Donut?

Cake stands were made from a candlestick holder and a clear glass plate found at the dollar tree glued to each other. Super easy and inexpensive way to have cakes stands!

Bride and Groom table

This was probably one of my favorite tables of the night, my parent’s handmade the Tower from the movie as one of the key focus points of our table! It was beautiful, and I’m definitely going to have my mom tell me how they made it and write another post for you guys so hopefully, you can make your own! The Mr & Mrs was from Amazon for only $16 dollars! Find it here. 

I honestly could go for hours and talk about our wedding, but ultimately we made a DIY wedding look like it was planned by the professionals! I definitely couldn’t have done it without my wonder Bridal party and my parents most of all! I hope you loved it as much as I do! Have any questions or want to know more about how something was done? Leave a comment below!

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